Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trend I Hate: Boyfriend Jeans

Hey, honey. You look SO GOOD in those jeans - can I borrow them?

Have you found yourself in this disucssion with your man? Because I sure haven't. Ever.

For some reason, these boyfriend jeans have made themselves popular this fall season, with many celebrities sporting the college stoner look. Why, I ask. Why would you hide your near perfect, starlette body in a pair of these uglies:

Seriously, if I had something that even SOMEWHAT resembled Katie Holmes' bod.... what a hot mess.

And it's not just Katie Holmes' "rocking" these abominations. It's ALL. OVER.

Because when I go out for some coffee, I like to resemble the guy on the median trying to sell flowers. I wouldn't be caught dead in this trend and I hope it does just that - DIES.

How do you feel about boyfriend jeans: trash or treasure?


  1. On Tyra yesterday, they were actually showing how to accomplish this look. I couldn't believe my eyes, still can't. OUCH!!

  2. with pumps, no less. The HORROR!

  3. The tuck & roll: it was HORRIBLE the first time around, why why WHY bring it back? Unless you're going to an 80's party. Really!

  4. And, please! I need all the help I can get... no one's bum looks good in these things! They either give you the huge billboard bum, or the flat as a pancake bum! Where's the ripped flannel? Give me a pitch fork if I'm wearing those!