Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Cat and His Box

My kitty, Banjo, has an addiction. An obsession. And it's boxes.

If there is a box in the apartment, he will find it and squeeze all 16lbs of him in it (which is a healthy weight for a Maine Coon, in case anyone was like OMG FATTY CATTY).

2 weekend ago, I bought a new box of mandarin orange seltzer, and after emptying out the box, I tossed it on the floor for my dear furry friend to investigate. Well, it was love at first sight. He lays by this box all the time, and tries to fit into it, using Maru's technique.

Last week, he parted from the box for a little to hang out by the window and chatter at birds, and my other cat, Jinx, came to check it out. Without missing a beat, he sprints from the bedroom to the kitchen and LEAPS on her (he is twice her weight), causing her to hiss and run away. He then nibbled his box and shifted his eyes around for 5 minutes.

What a life.

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